Featured Projects

These are some of my favorite print/marketing projects. Click on each one for an enlarged view.

BeOUtiful Butterfly

My client wanted a series of posters to hang in her boutique dressing rooms. It was a new shop and hadn't opened yet.  I took a series of pictures of the clothing in the shop and then incorporated the pics into outfits with clipart to create these cute cartoon models. Client also asked for quotes from strong women which I added to each poster and topped it all off with the client's logo at the bottom of each poster. My client was very happy with the results!

Jenny Blue BBQ

Was asked to create a new logo for a new company along with a t-shirt design for an upcoming trip to Kansas City, MO. Presented client with several logo and t-shirt design concepts. My customer left me a very nice testimonial!
"LOVE THESE! Great stuff! Very happy with what you have created! LOVE IT! Thanks so much for all your hard work and creativity."
Jennifer Whitlock
Project Management & Customer Service Lead
Professional Systems USA, Inc.


NC Basketweavers Assoc.

This is an oldy, but a goody. Was asked to create a t-shirt design for their upcoming convention in Wilmington, NC. The only thing I had to go on was a scanned drawing.  I created several layouts for the client's review and with collaboration, we came up with the first one shown here after the hand drawing. It was a fun project!

Hagars Mountain Boys

Was asked to create a complete CD package design for a small, but talented, Bluegrass band, The Hagars Mountain Boys. I created the front and back covers, the inside pullout paper insert, the CD itself, the outside traycard and it turned out great! They were happy and so was I.

Craft Beer Label
Spice Container
Organic Peanut Butter Label
Royale Cuisine Food Label
Canola Oil Label
Belly Up Blonde Beer Label
Wine Label
Organic Peanut Butter Label - 2
Snack Bar Label
Wine Bottle Labels
Box Label for Beauty Cream
Cookie Box Label for the Holiday
Sabina Foods Label

Failed Designs

I call this my "Failed Design Competition" Entries.  These designs (mainly container labels) were submitted to design contests, but sadly didn't win. However, I am proud of my work, and feel they are worthy of letting you see what I can do. So enjoy, and if you see something you like, or you think I could design something similar for you, then, please, contact me!

hanleydesigns.net  | hanleydsigns@gmail.com  |  919.881.9444

Jenny Blue BBQ Logo Designs

This is a compilation of designs submitted to client.