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This is why you need me.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

These are mistakes of DIY websites. They say you can create a website in 10 minutes. Don't believe everything you hear. There's a LOT more to it than that. And that is why you need me.


Where to put it, what to say, grammar, spelling - all things that need to be organized and correct. DIY website people often load the site with images and very little text. This is not going to get you found on Google. Or they have a massive amount of text they place all on the home page - this is something that will drive away potential clients in less than 3 seconds. I see misspelling all over the internet and hanging sentences with no subject and no end. Your content needs to be thoughtfully arranged in a cohesive layout. More often than not, this is not the case.


This is something that is very often forgotten about or assumed to look just like the site you built on that do-it-yourself web builder. Not the case. Not every web builder is responsive. You have to preview your mobile site and make adjustments to size of text, placement of images, size of buttons, etc. If people search for you on their phones, you want your site to present as polished and finished.


Great. Your site is built. Now what? You need a "call-to-action" on your home page - to ask the potential client to interact with you on your site - the next step in getting them into a conversation about your services or products.


Google really wants your site to be encrypted. They changed their browser in 2018 to say "NOT SECURE" in the address bar if it isn't. Not a good look. Note: encrypted and security are close but not the same.


Most DIY websites look it. They look "homemade". This is a reflection of your business. Potential clients will veer away and look for a competitor with a more polished look thinking that they will get professional services or products elsewhere.


Building the site is only the first step. There is a great deal more to do to attract business to your site including (but not limited to) getting your site out on social media - Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many, many more. Writing blogs, creating e-newsletters, e-mail blast campaigns, etc. etc. etc. And then there is tracking - analytics that tell you how your site is doing - oh and are you indexed on Google?

You need me. To build your site and guide you through the maze of the world wide web to get you up and running and get your business in front of potential customers.

(Credit to Amy Masson of Sumy Designs for outline of this blog)

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